Who we are

As part of the Quadris Group, which was established in 1995, Quadris Solutions LTD is your solution specialist for transnational issues.

Raphael De Stefano and Tamara Schläpfer took over the management from founding members Robin Bolli, Alexander Breuer and Francesco Castellazzi and have remained true to Quadris Group’s values and philosophy.

We are authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as a DSFI under the Ani-Money Laundering Act.


Holistic approach

We deliver comprehensive solutions following careful assessment of all factors and conditions.

Customized solutions

Your concerns will be resolved to the point using customized solutions.


As a completely independent service provider, our only obligation is to you as our client.


As a professional partner, we define ourselves through reliability and efficiency. You can count on us.



Every member of our team striving to achieve the very best results is critical for our success. To meet the challenges facing us and you, we strongly emphasize in continuous training, so that we are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions.


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